Cobrush Applies Flux in Tight Spaces

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LONDONDERRY, N.H. The Cobrush flux applicator from Cobar Solder Products comprises a compact polypropylene body with a transparent cartridge, a bristle applicator tip similar to a paint brush, as well as a cap to prevent flux evaporation.

The chamber holds various flux formulas safely and, when squeezed, releases small amounts of flux to the bristle tip. Disposable, the cost-effective applicator reportedly fluxes small areas on densely populated assemblies, for rework or post-assembly soldering.

A fine-bristle tip can leave liquid flux on miniature chips and individual solder joints. Ideal for no-clean fluxes, the tool is said to reduce waste, over-fluxing, cleaning time, and contamination, and fits in a lab coat pocket.



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