Remote Monitor Links PDA, Thermal Info

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SAN DIEGO KIC will run test marketing of a PDA process monitor that transfers real-time thermal process data from any KIC 24/7 on a reflow oven to an authorized PDA. The company believes PDA-based monitoring will improve data and process management, and reaction times associated with thermal issues.

The remote process monitor (RPM) comprises three software applications to generate output from the oven monitor, connect and transfer data, and display relevant statistics on a handheld computer. The RPM displays pertinent data for ovens on any authorized computer on the local area network (LAN).

The Viewer software can provide an icon view, wherein process window index (PWI), process capability (Cpk) numbers, and color-coded alarms, are displayed for each product exiting an oven. Chart View display lists PWI numbers for the last 100 products processed through each connected oven.



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