Horizon 02i Leads DEK Family

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FLEMINGTON, N.J. DEK's next-generation Instinctiv printers combine options from established platforms to reportedly enhance cycle time, flexibility, and yield. The company released the Horizon 02i as the first in the Instinctiv family.

The Horizon 02i incorporates a position-adjustable 15" touch-screen LCD and low-friction gullwing machine covers. These covers allow for operation in clean environments and for machine access during product changeovers and consumable replenishment. In 12-second cycles, the printer can perform 1.6 Cpk at ± 25µm full paste-on-pad processes.

Handling boards up to 508 × 508 mm on electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe transport rails, the machine uses an optimized frame and accurate-position-sensing technologies to reportedly increase yield. The printer processes applications requiring wafer-level resolution such as flip-chip assembly and direct-chip attach. Other features enhance diagnostics and support predictive maintenance, in conjunction with Internet-based support services.

Options are available to upgrade machine vision accelerating fiducial capture and 2-D inspection in a wider field-of-view. The Hawkeye 1200 deposit-verification system adds traceability to the process through high-speed print verification. The printer's configuration supports Instinctiv TimeToGo, which allows operators to optimize replenishment intervals for paste, paper, and USC solvent.



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