GlobalTRONICS 2006 Notes RoHS Importance

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GlobalTRONICS 2006 RoHS Notes Importance SINGAPORE GlobalTRONICS, October 10 13 in Singapore, will emphasize the effect of the RoHS Directive on electronics manufacturing. Pooling design service, technology, and manufacturing service providers, the show will allow all aspects of SMT assembly to be represented and educated on environmentally friendly electronics manufacturing.

Ed Ng, GlobalTRONICS organizer, sees RoHS compliance as an additional challenge adding to the standards of "smaller, faster, cheaper" that the electronics manufacturing community follows. He expects that long-term solutions to economic and regulatory problems will be implemented at the design phase. Research programs will also help manufacturers cope with RoHS restrictions. Ng states that more than half of Singapore-based manufacturers have invested significant amounts in R&D, and are realizing its value for RoHS compliance.

Exhibitors such as Des Plaines, Ill.-based Kester in booth F28 will provide lead-free resources, technologies, and products at the exhibition. Technical services to help manufacturers move to lead-free assembly, as well as products such as a reliable lead-free solder paste, will be key to profitable RoHS-compliant manufacturing, according to Ng. Kester plans to bring a team of technical engineers to the show, to answer lead-free-related questions.

BTU International, Inc., of North Billerica, Mass., will exhibit a reflow system that can operate at 350°C for lead-free reflow. The Pyramax 125 uses an air environment and forced impingement technology. BTU will show the reflow system at booth E32.

Dummy component and SMD equipment supplier Practical Components, in booth B16, will showcase a catalog and design guide formatted to highlight lead-free availability for components, and formulations that take into account solder and surface finish materials. The Los Alamitos, Calif.-based company distributes dummy components for the Amkor package-on-package (PoP) PSvfBGA and thin substrate micro-leadframe-TAPP tsMLF, flip chip test dies, and various test boards and kits from solder material companies.

Kyzen Corporation of Nashville, Tenn., will address lead-free concerns with interest in environmentally responsible cleaning. Lead-free production can increase cleaning demands; RoHS and other environmentally geared restrictions limit the hazardous chemicals used in the SMT line. In booth D22, the company will display its Micronox MX2188 low-COD aqueous cleaner, designed to remove lead-free water-soluble fluxes. The cleaner meets RoHS chemical restrictions.

BPM Microsystems of Houston, Texas, will exhibit in booth L22. The company focuses on automated device programming, including the Helix Programming System with a tube or tray input/output system.

Aesch, Switzerland-based ESSEMTEC AG will demonstrate the HLX8200 pick-and-place machine in booth D31. The HLX8200 suits high-mix production, with capacity for up to 192 tape and stick feeders, and an intelligent feeder system. The machine can place 22,000 components per hour (cph) 01005 chips to 50- × 50- × 17-mm components.



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