Submicron X-ray Detects Below 1 µm

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WUNSTORF, Germany The microme|x submicron, high-resolution system from phoenix|x-ray Systems and Services enables manual and semi-automated solder joint inspection of BGAs, CSPs, MLFs, and QFPs. The X-ray inspection machine offers detail-detection below 1µm, with a total magnification of up to 13.300×.

An integrated 2megapixel camera, open 160 or 180 kV submicron X-ray tube, and inspection software create pass/fail parameters without operator interpretations. The machine performs process control and failure analysis, as well as algorithm-driven application testing. A 360° rotation axis provides oblique views at up to 70° the 18 × 14" scanning area accommodates samples reaching 680 × 635 mm.



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