Siemens, Factory Logic Team for Lean Integration

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AUSTIN, Texas As part of an OEM agreement, Siemens Automation & Drives (A&D) will integrate Factory Logic's Lean Operations Suite into its SIPLACE manufacturing solutions. This venture targets manufacturers and OEM suppliers looking to integrate lean capabilities on the factory floor.

As part of the SIPLACE lean manufacturing solution, Factory Logic will enable manufacturers to incorporate advanced production leveling and kanban/supermarket functions in a high-mix environment. Siemens will sell and support Factory Logic's software as an embedded component of its SIPLACE solutions globally.

Factory Logic's Lean Operations Suite links production to customer demand for factory and supply-chain operations. "We have different solution capabilities to help in a build-to-order/build-to-replenishment environment," said Dan Brummer, vice president of business development for Factory Logic. "The solution takes enterprise resource planning (ERP) data and produces a level production plan," Brummer adds. "Typically, we pick a particular component or section of a value stream, and model that operation as a pacemaker operation. In the SMT space, the pick-and-place machine is the pacemaker operation."

The system then creates a level production schedule and synchronizes internal operations and supplier components by sending signals out in order to ensure a level production across the value chain. The pacemaker operation can also provide the scheduling needed for hard and soft changeovers that occur within the operation suite. Benefits of this solution are said to include reductions in unplanned overtime, inventory, and premium freight; supply synchronization; and improvements in customer fill rates and planner productivity, adds Brummer.

"Siemens is committed to addressing the needs of the electronics manufacturing market with our SIPLACE lean manufacturing solutions," said Holger Ewald, vice president of software, Siemens A&D Electronic Assembly Systems. "We selected Factory Logic as one of the most important components for our lean solution because it's the most comprehensive level-pull production management system¿It's built around recognized lean scheduling methods, and has been proven in large-scale, real-world deployments."

Factory Logic provides lean solutions for demand-driven factory operations. The company's platform-independent, real-time demand leveling and supply synchronization solution lets companies to extend their investments in ERP/MRP to the plant floor and transform the extended enterprise into a real-time demand driven supply network.



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