Prototype PCB Reaches 16 Layers

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BERGEN, Norway Elprint released the results of a test development to create a 16-layer board in its facility. Made from FR-4 laminate, the boards reached a nominal thickness of 1.8 mm, well within the test parameters of 0.5 4.0 mm. Tracks, annular outer and inner, and clearance measurements all equaled 4 mils.; the hole diameter for the board was slightly larger than anticipated 0.4 mm instead of 0.2 mm. Production time was 26 hours.

The company is pleased with this test, said Karl-Heinz Fritz, head of technology and development at Elprint AS. Additional tests will be run to determine design rules for production. The company's corporate roadmap has a strong focus on high-density interconnects (HDI) and complex boards.



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