BP Microsystems Adds an M

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HOUSTON BP Microsystems, a device programming systems supplier, will change its name to BPM Microsystems. After 21 years, the company has decided to change its name, citing confusion with a Houston-based oil company BP Amoco. BPM will concurrently move into its new headquarters on the northwest side of Houston.

BPM Microsystems will continue under the direction of co-founder, president, and CEO Bill White. White and co-founder Peter Cole created the BP moniker from the first letters of their first names. They developed the Houston-based company in 1985.

The "M" has no meaning, although BP Microsystems will eventually drop the "Microsystems" from its title and become BPM. Its main reason for adding the M is to differentiate it from the oil company, said Jenny Popp, company representative.



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