CyberOptics Gathers Products for NEPCON

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MINNEAPOLIS CyberOptics Corp. will highlight several products at NEPCON South China taking place in Shenzhen, China, from August 29 through September 1, 2006 including its SE 300 Ultra, EPV 5, and Process Insight.

The SE 300 Ultra 3-D solder paste inspection system includes updates to the SE 300 system, such as a conveyor that accommodates 101 × 35 mm through 508 × 508 mm panels, flexible conveyor rail options for the rear- or front-fixed rail, and program call-up through a barcode reader. The system reads skip marks and excludes superfluous data from inspection results. Able to handle odd-shape pads, it measures paste height with 200,000 reference points, and can be integrated into shop-floor control networks. CyberOptics will highlight the machine's 01005 pad inspection capabilities, warp compensation for flexible circuits, auto-adjust for conveyor width, and operator interface and defect review programs. The SE 300 Ultra also incorporates MicroPad, a sensor on the platform that measures solder paste on pads down to 100 × 100 µm for batch inspection of system-on-chip (SoC) and flip chips, and new product introduction (NPI) process qualification.

In sensing technology, the company will showcase the EPV 5 embedded process verification tool. Available for Fuji CP6, 7, and 8 chipshooters, the product provides high-resolution images and data on each component placement, so that operators can resolve errors during operation. The tool offers root-cause problem diagnostics, detects missing components, measures board deflection, and indicates defective nozzles with a turret head reference feature.

A software program, the Process Insight statistical process control (SPC) package, analyzes process performance from an enterprise-level database and open computing standards. The software includes comprehensive charting capabilities with chart-specific alarms that signal out-of-control data and trends. Tools and management systems generate historical analysis. Next-generation features include password-protected databases, improved load times from SE 300 and Flex systems (including Ultra versions), XML file watcher, a new database structure, and traceability improvements with integration into a shop floor management system.



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