PCB Experts to Visit Taiwan

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The Netherlands To promote relations with PCB and packaging fabricators in Taiwan, the European Institute of Printed Circuits (EIPC) will organize a trip to visit Taiwan-based companies in October 2006. The Taiwan electronics industry typically manufactures for cost-effective, high-end applications. Organic packages and interconnection technology for PCBs and packages have been areas of interest for Taiwan businesses. The EIPC promotes the Taiwan trip as a method for opening communications with Taiwanese manufactures and for developing business collaborations between Taiwanese and European companies.

The EIPC, in conjunction with partner organization Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), will join industry members with PCB and packaging companies. Members will also attend the TPCA Show featuring chemical, equipment, and material developments. A tentative program for the trip includes visits to three PCB companies: Unitech, Unimicron, and Plotech; packaging companies IST and ASE are also on the agenda. Visitors will mingle with company managers at a golf tournament and luncheon.



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