Henkel Expands in India

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IRVINE, Calif. The electronics group of Henkel will broaden its representation in India, increasing sales and technical personnel, as well as manufacturing capabilities. The company appointed Bhavesh Muni global director of business development in the region to manage and direct the expansion.

Muni has spent 18 years in the electronics industry, and joined Henkel four years ago. Native to Bhavnagar, in Gujarat, India, Muni is familiar with the Indian language and business climate. He received a B.S. in chemical engineering from the Regional Engineering College in the Srinagar district of the Kashmir Valley, and an M.S. in polymer science from the University of Detroit in Michigan.

The expansion will comprise an increase in direct sales and distribution channels, technical applications additions, creation of a product manufacturing site, and logistics operations realignment for the India region. "The first task is to hire more technical staff. Then it makes sense to do more local manufacturing, probably in the southern or south-western region of India. The third step is to localized and create a development need in local regions," explained Muni. Henkel currently operates an office and support network out of Bangalore. India-based business is growing; providing local support has become a necessity, he said. He will oversee operations from Henkel's offices in India and Irvine, Calif., while maintaining his position in the semiconductor business development area.



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