Adaptable Soldering/Desoldering Series Expands

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HAMPSHIRE, U.K. Four soldering/desoldering equipment packages have been added to OK International's MFR Series for rework. The MFR-DSI and MFR-DSX Systems for desoldering include the company's bench-top MFR power supply and desolder gun. The internal air pump of the MFR-DSI is suitable for small manufacturing operations that do not use compressed air, and for desoldering needs performed away from the workbench. The MFR/DSX uses compressed shop air targeting higher-volume desoldering operations.

The company also introduced its high-performance soldering and rework hand piece and tip cartridge to these units, creating two soldering/desoldering and rework options: the MFR-SDI with an internal air pump and the MFR-SDX with external compressed air. The desoldering tool's handle adjusts from a "gun" to "pencil" position, and features a reactivation switch that senses when it's in use.

A large-capacity plastic chamber traps molten solder during desoldering. The chamber is also equipped with a fume filter to trap solder fumes, which can harden when cooled and clog the pump. The modular MFR Soldering/Desoldering Systems allows users to build their equipment as their volume and requirements shift. MFR Series tools can be attached to either of the two ports on the power units. Multiple units can be combined to power several tools for heavier workloads.



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