Modular Fuses

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. The USI chip fuse series from Schurter features a range of universal modular fuses (UMFs) approved by the IEC, cURus, METI, and CCC. The series' 1206 package measures 3.2 × 1.6 × 0.6 mm. The fuses support lead-free reflow soldering or vapor-phase processes. Manufactured on tape with individual markings, the fuses incorporate a thin-film technology to produce predictable and stable yields.

With an operating temperatures range of - 55°C through to + 90°C, the USI devices provide secondary current protection in power inverters and low-voltage power supplies. They suit portable medical devices and sensor-rich in-car electronics, as well as other electronic systems.

The series features high melting l2t values, allowing greater resistance to high-inrush or pulse currents. The chip's opening time is reportedly comparable to time-delay types with 1206 footprints, but responds quickly to higher overcurrents. Chip fuses are rated from 0.5 6.3A with 63 VDC and 32 VAC voltage ratings.



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