Software and Equipment Duo Intros

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COCONUT CREEK, Fla. A software program and corresponding material-handling equipment from Inovaxe is designed to kit and reload SMT lines. Inovaxe built the interactive set to reduce labor costs and improve inventory accuracy.

The INOCART material handling system stores numerous package types including reels, tubes, feeders, and PCBs. The equipment may be custom-configured and does not require kitting or staging prior to line loading. The system holds feeders so kits can be presented to SMT equipment without setup. Materials received in shipment can be kitted into the machine, which Inovaxe believes will reduce miscalculations in inventory.

The supply-chain management software, INOKIT, works with storage equipment to minimize machine setup, tear-down, and reload. The software provides visibility of stock and actionable data, and should eliminate liabilities in inventory transactions, when combined with the storage unit. The set condenses inventory processes control, management, and storage into one comprehensive application.



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