Retrofit Kits Resist Tin Scavenging

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LONDONDERRY, N.H. With the RoHS Directive in effect, wave solder systems may need to be retrofitted to withstand lead-free operations. Concerns about the corrosive effects of high-tin content in RoHS-mandated lead-free solder provided the impetus for NEA, Inc., to develop solid titanium retrofit kits. Titanium has been shown to demonstrate acceptable resistance to tin scavenging.

NEA claims the retrofit kits will reduce costs of conversion, despite the initially prohibitive expense of titanium. Titanium-coated components also tolerate lead-free wave soldering, though they risk exposure if their coatings are removed or scratched. Solid-titanium components cannot be contaminated in this way, and therefore are expected to offer a longer service life. In typical production usage with lead-free solder, titanium components are believed to have a 10-year life expectancy.

The kits offer a range of components, including nozzles, chimneys, impellers, shafts, and solder pots. The company also offers in-the-field retrofitting services.



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