TV on-the-go Attracts U.S.

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BASINGSTOKE, England In a report on market trends in broadcast mobile TV, analyst firm Juniper Research predicts Japan and the U.S. will be industry leaders, stating that Japan will reach $2.9B in revenues and the U.S. will achieve a comparable $1.8B in 2011. This success relies mostly on the consumer interest in television within these countries. The 2006 market leader for mobile television is South Korea.

But Juniper's forecast suggest that South Korea's advanced development efforts with the digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) chip will not provide enough market power to outlast the U.S. and Japan's larger subscriber bases. Japan, the U.S., and South Korea together will comprise 39% of the mobile television market by 2011. With anticipated revenues of $989 million, the U.K. may also hold global presence. Juniper lists 26 countries/regions that are expected to factor into the mobile television market, with worldwide revenues predicted to reach $11.7B.

Market developments, including multiple product rollouts from Samsung, Frontier Silicone, DiBcom, and others along with the internationally standardized digital terrestrial broadcasting scheme (ISDB-T), or "One Seg," network service produced dramatic increases in average consumer mobile-television-viewing time in 2006, according to report author Aditya Kaul, senior analyst at Juniper. The study is titled "Mobile TV: The Opportunity for Streamed and Broadcast Services, 2006-2011 (second edition)."



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