Software Optimizes Placement Platforms

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. Universal Instruments will install and activate NPI software free on future orders for its Genesis high-speed chip placement platforms. NPI software suits high-mix and specialist manufacturing environments. The company envisions increases in productivity and quality, as well as a reduction in scrap, by adding NPI to Genesis platforms. The platform's embedded UPS+ machine operating software supplements NPI package functions, which include defect reduction, post-placement inspection assistance, feeder and fiducial setting verification, and part location and orientation confirmation post-build. Universal Instruments highlights the Genesis platform for its range of capabilities and scalability for flexible modular SMT lines, explaining their decision to add a high-mix software program to the platform.

NPI's feeder inspection mode uses downward-looking cameras to inspect feeders prior to commencing article build. It then provides the operator with a graphic overlay and orientation marks for each feeder. The fiducial-find feature enables resizing or reshaping of fiducials, as well as computer-aided design (CAD) position modifications. Pad sites may be compared directly using an overlay of the board to verify part identification and orientation. The software tool allows an article build, without removing the board from the machine and keeps a part on the nozzle until it is ready to be placed. Post-build manual optical inspection of component placement occurs after parameter edits.

While the NPI package is already in use, it will be integrated on the new platforms. Optional hardware enhancements for NPI and UPS+ software include adjustable track feeders, self-ID feeders, the Universal Magellan camera, and adjustable grippers for seven-spindle heads. The NPI utility is also compatible with the Universal AdVantis chip placement platform.



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