Residue-free Lead-free Paste Intros

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. A lead-free no-clean solder paste from Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials targets EMS and OEM customers using inline circuit testing. The ALPHA OM-338 PT paste reportedly leaves no residue on pins, improving pintestability by reducing false negatives. The paste is composed of 88.5% metal.

The paste offers prints speeds of up to 150-mm per second (on 12-mil squares and 10-mil circles), clear flux residue, low voiding, and anti-slumping characteristics. Enclosed print heads minimize the variances in behavior often found with lead-free pastes. Cookson's ALPHA paste is compatible with enclosed print heads such as the closed-loop rheometric pump head system (Rheopump) and Pro-Flow. Electrical reliability of the paste meets IPC, Bellcore, and HP standards.



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