Concoat Limited Becomes HumiSeal

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CAMBERLEY, U.K. Concoat Limited changed its name to HumiSeal Europe Limited, as part of the 2005 acquisition by Chase Corp., HumiSeal's parent company.

The name change signifies Concoat's joining the HumiSeal group, bringing their supply of conformal coatings and associated materials to the electronics industry. The benefit to operating under the same name in the U.S. and Europe is worldwide representation in sales, manufacturing, and technical support, said David Greenman, managing director, HumiSeal. There were "no other changes in Concoat as part of the name change to HumiSeal Europe," according to HumiSeal's representative.

Shared research and intellectual property (IP) between U.S. and European facilities includes water-based materials for VOC restrictions, UV-curing products, and low-VOC cleaning materials. The U.K. conformal coatings supplier has manufactured HumiSeal products for European markets for 25 years. HumiSeal's product range includes coatings, thinners, strippers, masking, and cleaning materials.



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