Electra Polymers Pens Inks Deal

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KENT, England Electra Polymers announced purchase of Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials' inks business. Electra cited the solermask, legend ink, marking ink, and etch-resist lines as reasons for acquisition, saying the business complemented theirs while expanding access to certain sectors.

The acquisition included Ronascreen and Durashield lines, which are thick copper technology for automobile electronics applications, giving Electra access to the heavy copper filler market.

PCB manufactures show interest in specialist companies, explained Shaun Tibbals, marketing director, Electra. The transfer of intellectual property (IP), product formulations, knowledge and research, as well as an existing Rohm and Haas client base improved Electra's position in that market, added Tibbals. The hand-over, which both companies manage, will be completed by the end of July 2006.



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