OMRON Production Begins in Shanghai

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KYOTO, Japan OMRON Corporation celebrated the completion of OMRON (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (OMS), a subsidiary in Shanghai, China, with a ceremony on June 6th, 2006. OMS will serve as the global design and production center for their control components and systems equipment from Shanghai to manufacturing sites around the world, while contributing to the development of the manufacturing industry in China.

OMS will also serve as a global design/production center for OMRON's Industrial Automation Company (IAB), who is restructuring their global development and production centers with the objective of becoming more internationally competitive. Products to be handled include sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and temperature controllers. IAB has earmarked a total of five billion yen to invest in OMS over the three years leading up to fiscal 2007.

Building a production line designed for common processes and equipment/machinery to produce multiple products, shipping through a global supply-chain management system (SCM), and strengthening customer support are main objectives of the OMS facility. Mixed-model assembly lines divided according to production process, a wireless LAN (WLAN) system, and six customer facilities (call center, SE center, mechatronics service center, training center, repair center, and solution plaza Shanghai) at OMS will be used to carry out this goal. OMRON plans to employ 2,200 people by fiscal year 2007.

The ceremony took place at OMRON Shanghai, with company executives Hisao Sakuta, president and CEO; Fumio Tateisi, executive vice president and president of Industrial Automation Company; YUKIO Kobayashi, executive officer and president of OMS; and Toshio Yamashita, president of OMRON (China) Co., Ltd, in attendance.



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