IPC Posts April Book-to-Bill Ratio

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BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — The North American rigid PCB book-to-bill ratio for April 2006 remained positive at 1.08, while the flexible circuit book-to-bill ratio fell to 0.87. The IPC reports a combined book-to-bill ratio of 1.07 for April.

In April, rigid PCB shipments were up 15.5% and bookings were up 7.3% from last April. Rigid PCB shipments are up 8.9% and bookings are up 14.2% in 2006. Rigid PCB shipments decreased 17.0% from last month, while rigid bookings dipped 24.3%.

Flexible circuit shipments were down 12.2% and bookings were down 17.1% compared to the same period last year. Flexible circuits shipments are up 2.2% and bookings are down 12.9% for the year-to-date. Flexible circuit shipments decreased 21.2%, while flex bookings decreased 34.5% since last month.

Combined industry shipments for April rose 13.2% from last April, and orders booked increased 5.6%. Combined industry shipments for 2006 are up 8.5% and bookings are up 12.3%. Combined industry shipments for April 2006 are down 17.3% over the previous month, and bookings are down 24.9%.



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