Bench-top Reflow Oven Ensures Even Heating

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WILSONVILLE, Ore. With a maximum process temperature of 320°C, the bench-top LPKF ProtoFlow Oven from LPKF Laser & Electronics is suitable for lead-free reflow soldering.

Four internal temperature sensors and a multiprocessor controller board are said to ensure heat is distributed evenly over PCBs measuring up to 9" × 12". Featuring several software zones between preheat and final reflow allow the oven to process most reflow profiles, and make it suitable for prototyping, technology research, and pre-production testing. An operator can also mount four optional sensors to the PCB recording on-board temperatures and displaying them in real-time on a PC. Operators can also watch the reflow process through the machine's large, lighted window.

The ProtoFlow Oven features several pre-programmed process profiles that can be selected using four keys. Custom profiles may also be created on a PC and uploaded to the oven. The tabletop system measures 26" long × 18" wide × 13" high.



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