Adhesive Film Adheres to Multiple Substrates

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BILLERICA, Mass. — The T2781 thermally conductive, electrically insulating, high-strength adhesive film from TechFilm Services, Inc. is said to adhere well to gold, copper, and aluminum. Adhesion to copper and aluminum reportedly exceeds 2500 psi, while gold values exceed 1200 psi.

T2781 cures in 15 minutes at 165°C. For heat-sensitive applications, it cures at 100°C for 180 minutes. When tested to the ASTM E1461 standard, T2781 provides a thermal conductivity value of 2.63 W/M-K.

Suitable applications include bonding power semiconductor and hybrid circuit substrates to heatsinks, and general bonding requiring optimum thermal conductivity. Sheet, preform, or roll formats as thin as 1.5 mil are available, making it suitable for applications with limited size and bond-line thickness of the final part, such as stacked parts and miniature components.



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