TV Program Spotlights DDi PCB Technology

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ANAHEIM, Calif. — PCB engineering and manufacturing services provider DDi Corp.'s advanced laser technology will be featured on the History Channel's "Modern Marvels: Drilling" program, to air May 10, 2006, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern/Pacific (9:00 p.m. Central/8:00 p.m. Mountain), which enables some semiconductor, networking, telecommunications, and consumer electronics companies worldwide to bring their products to market.

DDi's Raj Kumar, vice president, research and development, demonstrates how laser drilling facilitates many of the new electronic frontiers and products that have become common in everyday life. "Today's PCB designers face new challenges due to requirements for miniaturization and increased functionality of electronic devices. Laser-drilled microvias give PCB designers a distinct advantage by reducing board size and layer count while increasing routing density. Technology advancement is a non-stop process, which is truly marvelous," says Kumar.

"DDi represents the frontier of laser drilling as it is bringing the best applicable technology to meet our customer's needs," says Michael Sheehy, vice president, sales, DDi. "We are extremely honored to have been selected for this program."



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