EAS Adds Lead-free Wave Soldering

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Electronic Assembly Services, Inc. (EAS) purchased Technical Devices' NU/ERA 16MP lead-free, computer-controlled, dual-wave soldering system, adding to its lineup of lead-free-capable assembly equipment.

The NU/ERA 16MP dual-wave soldering system will contain the Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.05 (SAC305) alloy in a lead-free-compatible titanium solder pot that rolls out of the rear of the machine using a motorized drive. The pot can be swapped with other pots containing different lead-free alloy compositions. The system also includes an internal reciprocating spray fluxer; top-side, forced-air convection preheaters measuring 36" long; a post-solder PCB cooling fan system; and a fully integrated thermal profiling kit. The left-to-right conveyor rails accommodate PCB assemblies up to 16" wide. The system will be in-house by mid-July.

This purchase will enable EAS's main facility to assemble and process lead-free thru-hole and dual-technology boards. Prior to this, the company assembled and soldered RoHS-compliant boards using its surface mount line, and outsourced its lead-free thru-hole work.

As a RoHS-compliant facility since 2004, SMT and robotic selective soldering areas within EAS did not initially present compliance challenges. Existing reflow ovens were able to meet and exceed required reflow temperatures; and solder wire within the robotic soldering machine could be easily switched from tin/lead to lead-free. However, having only one on-site wave solder pot for Sn63/Pb37 posed a problem for future applications. With this purchase, the company has a dedicated lead-free wave soldering system, and can use the existing tin/lead-based pot for existing customers who are not converting to lead-free processes.



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