RoHS-compliant Adapter Allows SOIC Upgrade

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FRENCHTOWN, N.J. — A RoHS-compliant, small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) to dual in-line package (DIP) Correct-A-Chip adapter from Aries Electronics is said to ease upgrading from an SOIC without requiring PCB layout adaptations. The top of the adapter accepts SOIC D or L packages, while the bottom is available in 8–24 DIP pin counts.

The body of the adapter is constructed of 1.56-mm FR406 or IS410 per IPC 4101A/24/26/28, with one ounce of copper traces on both sides. Pads are finished with electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG), and pins are 360-1/2 hard brass alloy with 0.254-µm minimum gold plating over 2.54-µm nickel plating. Maximum operating temperature is 200°C, and all tolerances are 0.13 mm. Suggested PCB hole diameter is 0.71 mm.



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