Workshop Assists with Tin Whisker Prevention

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HERNDON, Va., and PISCATAWAY, N.J. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI), together with the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT), will sponsor the 3rd Annual Tin Whisker Workshop and the 56th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), May 30, 2006, in San Diego, Calif.

Workshop attendees will receive an update on recent activities in tin whisker testing and modeling. A roundtable discussion will cover implementation of the JEDEC/IPC specifications related to tin whiskers, including: JESD201, "Environmental Acceptance Requirements for Tin Whisker Susceptibility of Tin and Tin Alloy Surface Finishes;" JEDEC/IPC joint publication JP002, "Current Tin Whiskers Theory and Mitigation Practices Guideline;" and JESD22A121, "Test Method for Measuring Whisker Growth on Tin and Tin Alloy Surface Finishes."

The workshop will help pinpoint strategies to ensure that long life-cycle applications will not succumb to tin whisker failures, and will discuss remaining risks and the implementation of current specifications.

Ron Gedney, iNEMI consultant, will chair the workshop; Maureen Williams, mechanical engineer for NIST, will co-chair; and Henning Leidecker, Ph.D., chief engineer of the Parts, Packaging, and Assembly Technologies Office of NASA, will moderate. For more information about the workshop, please click here.



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