IR Tool Eases Thermal Profiling

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WEST SUSSEX, England Thermal profiling for rework can often be a time-consuming and risky venture. To help alleviate this, Focused Infrared (Focused IR) technology from PDR, uses infrared light energy to bring a board and components to a temperature that melts the solder, but does not damage parts.

For topside heating, a lens system refocuses short- and medium-length IR emissions from a 150-W lamp into a visible spot that has a manually adjustable diameter. This adjustability allows the lens to cover the component being reworked. During board pre-heat, BGA rework systems use a 1,600-W medium-wave IR-panel back heater to control how much energy is put into an assembly. This solution joins a heat sensor with profiling software, eliminating the need to test or perform prior profiling work. The system is also said to ramp new boards and components at the correct rate to the correct temperature, and soak them for the correct amount of time for their size and application.



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