Aegis Wins Company of the Year Award in SMT Software

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By Lee Mather, assistant editor

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Aegis Industrial Software Corporation recently nabbed the Company of the Year Award in SMT software from Frost & Sullivan for its part in aiding clients through the challenges of the lead-free manufacturing transition.

Lead-free manufacturing poses several difficulties for manufacturers, such as defects, revised production processes, inspection criteria, and more demanding requirements for shop-floor materials control, quality and repair management, materials declaration, and traceability. Aegis' solutions tackle these challenges through a combined product launch and manufacturing execution platform that improves speed, control, and visibility.

"Central to the Aegis business strategy is technical vision," commented Jason Spera, Aegis CEO. "We are dedicated to predicting customer needs, rather than just reacting to them. Our technology positions us to provide the total information solutions our customers demand."

Aegis monitors and controls product movement on the factory floor, including the shop-floor materials movement intercepting the process, and the resulting information emerging from all stations. A "Control and Visibility" concept defines this real-time connection to materials, lines, and machines — achieving physical control over materials verification, station setups, and job changeovers. The solution uses RFID and PLC hardware with SMEMA communications that connect to adjacent inline equipment and the central information database.

"The award also underscores the clear shift from disparate, line-level solutions to enterprise-level manufacturing control and visibility systems," adds Spera. "Aegis is certainly glad to be recognized as the company to originate and produce these solutions to the industry. This award will serve to broaden and deepen the expectations manufacturers have of their factory information systems."

Frost & Sullivan presents the Company of the Year Awards to companies that have demonstrated technology innovation, competitive strategy, and leadership on the SMT line. This is the first year that Frost has given out the award for the SMT software market, and Aegis' award will be presented on April 26th at the Excellence in Industrial Technologies Awards Banquet in Orlando, Florida. "Aegis' solutions provide control on the shop floor while maintaining a high degree of traceability and accountability," notes Deepa Mathew, Frost & Sullivan research analyst. "The granularity, scope, and product intelligence that it offers for quality assurance and process control is commendable, and makes them an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to transition to a hassle-free, RoHS-compliant future."



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