Automatic In-line Printer Accepts 29" Frames

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DORSET, U.K. — Using proprietary camera alignment technology, Speedprint's SPRINTavi automatic in-line printer accepts industry-standard 29" stencil frames, and is said to facilitate paste-on-stencil inspection. The camera alignment system is said to ensure Six Sigma repeatability.

Standard features span full printing control; a closed-loop, dual-squeegee print head; auto stencil load; programmable print parameters; 320-mm metal/polyurethane squeegee assemblies; adjustable PCB system tooling; in-process AutoPaste inspect; fiducial capture technology; and SMEMA in-line capability.

Several options are available to maximize speed and throughput, including 2-D paste inspection with bridge detection and statistical process control (SPC) data collection. Other options include a laser-guided tooling system and a vacuum tooling package.



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