Device Programming Software Offers NAND Flash Options

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HOUSTON — BP Microsystems' latest BPWin software release, version 4.58, features NAND Flash options for customizing multiple partitions using a single algorithm when programming NAND devices. Special Spare Area calculations can be added as needed without having to change the algorithm. Also, partitions with an arbitrary number of required addresses and how they align to the buffer may be specified.

Many applications use NAND Flash to partition data files; for example, the file may consist of an initial bootloader, followed by a boot-up image and data partitions. Depending on the application, each partition has a logical address to which it must map for correct functionality. Due to the presence of bad blocks, data on a device can shift, in terms of the actual address, to which it is programmed. The algorithm used to program the NAND Flash guarantees that each partition starts at the exact specified logical address on the device, and the NAND Flash options in the BPWin software allow for this functionality.

The NAND feature also offers Spare Area schemes that allow fills or error correction code (ECC) calculations on-the-fly during programming and verifying without modifying the buffer.



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