Practical Components Carries AIM Print Test Board and Kit

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. — Practical Components, an international distributor of mechanical IC samples and components and SMD production tools and equipment, now supplies AIM's print test board and kit that includes many common printing challenges. Both have circular and square pad designs to test paste release, along with BGA and microBGA pads.

AIM has included the standard IPC slump test pattern to further challenge the properties of any product tested going forward. This print pattern accurately predicts slump since individual pads are used, as opposed to one pad that is common in the "thermometer" method. There is a number on the board indicating the distances between pads, ensuring that a hard number can be used for paste evaluations.Common pad sizes were incorporated into the layout, including 1206, 0805, 0402, and 0201 rectangular pads for discrete components. These pads have varying distances between them, allowing users to determine paste solder beading. Four 250 × 250-mil pads are available for use with various aperture styles to allow for wetting tests. There are also several fine-pitch QFP pads to check for the propensity of any given product to cause bridging, and to confirm existing torn prints, peaking, or bridging.Board material is FR4 170Tg with a standard ImAg finish. Digitized Gerber files are provided by Aegis Software at no charge. The kit is also available with lead-free components.



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