Briton EMS Settles on XJTAG Boundary Scan Test Solution

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CAMBRIDGE, England — U.K.-based contract electronics manufacturer Briton EMS has selected the XJTAG development system as its boundary scan test solution, which has been implemented at Briton EMS's Bedford, England-based production facility. The XJTAG solution pinpoints faults on PCBs featuring high-pin-count ball grid arrays (BGAs).

"We wanted to remove the guesswork from the test equation and to find a way of rapidly and accurately pinpointing faults on boards that failed their functional test," says Simon Naylor, manufacturing director at Briton EMS. "These boards typically feature one or several JTAG devices, such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), which are inaccessible to probes and oscilloscopes. Using the XJTAG system, we can now isolate a faulty device immediately and rework or reflow the failed component to rectify the problem. This saves us time and increases our yields."

The XJTAG boundary scan system tests tightly packed PCBs populated with JTAG devices such as BGA and chip scale devices, which reportedly cannot be tested by traditional methods.

Briton EMS works in partnership with OEMs across different industries, including broadcasting, industrial, instrumentation, medical, and telecom. The XJTAG system is used as a stand-alone product and complements the company's Ersascope BGA inspection system.



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