Cobar's New Color-coding System Distinguishes Lead-free

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BREDA, Holland — The threat of cross-contamination, such as lead-bearing materials that can mix up with new lead-free solders, is a major issue facing the electronics industry. Even small amounts of lead contamination can cause tremendous problems and result in high remediation costs, as well as process downtime if they accidentally mix with lead-free soldering products.

Solder pastes and fluxes supplier Cobar BV has put in place a recognizable color-coding standard for all of its solder paste products to distinguish lead-bearing from lead-free. Effective immediately, all outgoing lead-free solder pastes will be packaged in green-colored containers such as cartridges and jars, while lead-bearing pastes will continue to ship in white containers.

"Since everyone knows that all solder pastes look very much alike, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to prevent cross-contamination during lead-free changeover," states Eli Westerlaken, Cobar BV's president. "Delivery of lead-free paste in green packaging and lead-bearing paste in white will make it easy for the customer to recognize the product and prevent mistakes."



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