TESCO T.S. Selects Tecnomatix eMPower Solutions

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Herzlia, Israel and Turin, Italy — Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. announces that TESCO T.S., one of Italy's top automotive production design companies, has signed a contract for the implementation of eMPower software.

TESCO T.S. will use the eMPower eM-TolMate product to enable a better response to tolerance management demands from the company's OEM customers. The implementation of eM-TolMate spearheads the creation of a new department at TESCO dedicated exclusively to tolerance management initiatives.

TESCO T.S. will use eM-TolMate to help reduce time-to-market and increase product quality. eM-TolMate is said to enable management of tolerances and design specifications throughout the manufacturing process, which will help TESCO T.S. manage costs and provide maximum value to the company's customers. eM-TolMate also allows users to predict the effect of tolerances and mating operations on an assembly process and can identify critical features and key characteristics of an assembly, such as the gap between a door and the fender of a car, or the clearance between the removable hard disk and the bay in a portable PC.

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. is the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM). For more information, visit www.tecnomatix.com.



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