Call for Papers Issued for 10th Electronic Circuit World Convention

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Northbrook, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries has announces a call for papers for the 10th Electronic Circuit World Convention (ECWC 10), which it will host February 21 through 24, 2005, in conjunction with its co-located IPC SMEMA Council's APEX/IPC Printed Circuits Expo/IPC Designers Summit exhibition in Anaheim, Calif.

Every three years, the World Electronics Circuits Council (WECC), an international group of related industry trade associations, organizes the ECWC event that creates an outlet for the latest research and innovation by providing a forum for the interchange of technical and management concepts used on a worldwide basis. This event, which attracts the premier international technologists, rotates around the world as different members of WECC are approved as host organizations. IPC was approved as host of ECWC 10 by the other WECC member associations.

To participate in the four-day convention, IPC must receive a 300-word abstract in English by May 1, 2004, that supplies technical, management, economic or statistical information. The selection process is competitive and sufficient detail needs to be included to allow the ECWC 10 Program Committee to assess content of the proposed paper.

Papers are being sought in the following areas:Marketing and Management

  • The PCB market in the U.S./Asia/Europe
  • The electronics market in the Americas/Asia/Europe
  • Development of new regional market/future applications
  • Liaisons/trade agreements — case histories
  • Innovative product introductions
  • Games to High Performance application extremes
  • Incorporating green technology in corporate mission
  • Success strategies for small- to medium-sized companies
  • Problems complying with environmental legislation
  • Total quality control: TQM and TQA
  • Third party quality assessment
  • Process automation methods
  • Process certification
  • Global competitiveness
  • Environmentally friendly PCBs/PCBAs, Recycling/Reusing/Reducing
  • Optoelectronic integration
  • EMS business and supply chain issues
  • Automated Web-based manufacturing innovations
  • Risk management
  • Consortia updates, strategic alliances
  • Internet access for trading partner B2B transactions


  • Material technologies
  • Electronic circuits design, Packaging/Jisso Design and Data transfer technologies
  • Electromagnetic properties
  • Board fabrication processes
  • Reliability analysis
  • Surface mount devices and electronics assembly technology
  • Manufacturing equipment and automation
  • Inspection technology
  • Optical circuit packaging technology
  • Environmentally conscious engineering and Eco-Design
  • Semiconductor packaging technology
  • Micromechanical Jisso Technology

If an abstract is selected, technical papers will be due on November 30, 2004. Each paper should be a minimum of six pages in length, describe significant results from experiments, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest, and contain technical and/or appropriate test results. In addition, 30-minute paper presentations should also be in English and non-commercial in nature. Each presentation should summarize the paper, while clearly describing significant results and emphasizing new techniques/trends that would be of interest to the attendees.

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