New Report from TFI Focuses on Safeguarding Electronics IP In China

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Alameda, Calif. — A new report entitled The Chinese Challenge, Intellectual Property (IP) in China Manufacturing and Markets will be released by strategic consulting firm Technology Forecasters Inc. on March 22, 2004.

The Chinese Challenge presents the most up-to-date and thorough research on crafting a broad, multi-layered IP protection plan for electronics products made or sold in China. This report is the result of in-depth interviews with engineers and managers from name brand and contract manufacturing electronics companies, as well as discussions with industry experts, trade associations, and U.S. and Chinese government officials.

One of the major contentions of The Chinese Challenge is that protection of electronics IP in China operations is more than a legal problem. The report focuses on production policies to minimize loss of control over IP, supply chain systems to guarantee quality inputs, as well as "technical fixes" to track products and support product redesign, making copying more difficult. Based on a comprehensive review of tactics and in-depth research, The Chinese Challenge offers an "Electronics IP Checklist" with cost factors, effectiveness and advisability. It is authored by Technology Forecasters Associate Clive Jones, economist and managing director of Economic Data Resources, with the assistance of Ting Liu.

There exist two major groups of IP violators: smaller groups of counterfeiters and black marketers, and task groups in larger Chinese electronics companies. This latter group currently operates mostly below the radar. The smaller operations are responsible for most of the cases identified to date. They assemble from a combination of sources: authentic or at least grey market, black market, counterfeit and quality rejects. Their efforts are largely directed at simpler electronics products and supplies, although they have tried their hand at assembling systems like computer servers.

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