Dow Corning Launches Equipment Alliance With Nine Electronics Assembly and Packaging Industry Leaders

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Midland, Mich. — In a strategic move to help customers speed time-to-market and reduce manufacturing costs, Dow Corning Corp. has launched the External Equipment Provider Alliance with nine leading companies from the electronics assembly and packaging industry.

Under the new alliance — the first of its kind in this market — Dow Corning will work with member companies and customers to streamline the integration of materials and equipment used in board-level assembly and back-end packaging, resulting in standard equipment or customized solutions that help customers meet production goals more quickly and efficiently.

The network of member companies includes Asymtek (A Nordson Company), Bartec Dispensing Technology, DEK, Fluid Research Corp., Lambda Technologies, Liquid Control Corp., PVA (Precision Valve & Automation), Scheugenpflug AG and Sieghard Schiller GmbH & Co. KG. As leaders in the areas of meter-mix, conformal coating, fluid delivery, rapid curing, stencil printing and robotic XYZ positioning, these companies have all demonstrated expertise in applying and handling Dow Corning's silicone and organic materials.

Under the alliance, Dow Corning will leverage member companies' expertise to simplify the procurement, integration, startup and optimization of materials and processing equipment. By working together, Dow Corning and alliance members can help customers address any number of challenges — from choosing the right combination of equipment and materials for a new process to delivering turnkey production packages. The alliance will also provide a lead contact, who will work directly with the customer, coordinating the alliance's depth and breadth of resources to develop feasible, cost-effective business solutions.

Dow Corning has been planning and organizing the External Equipment Provider Alliance over the past year, and has selected members based on its long-term relationships with these and other companies throughout the board-level assembly and back-end packaging industry. In the future, Dow Corning plans to expand the alliance to other electronics market segments, such as wafer-level and front-end packaging.

The External Equipment Provider Alliance comes as part of a larger program within Dow Corning to create and deliver customized business solutions that help customers throughout the electronics industry address materials, process and integration challenges. Using its 60 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of silicon-based materials, Dow Corning also is developing solutions-based programs to support customers with facilities design and engineering, product and application development, and total supply chain management.

Dow Corning Corp. is a globally integrated provider of materials, application technology and services, and is focused on providing innovative technology for all segments of the electronics industry. For more information, visit



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