Polyclad Laminates Appoints Curt Mitchell Applications Engineer, GETEK Products

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Londonderry, N.H. — Polyclad Laminates, a Cookson Electronics company, has named Curt Mitchell applications engineer, GETEK Products.

In this new position, Mitchell will be responsible for providing technical assistance and field application support to all Polyclad sales divisions, particularly in regard to providing customer service and support to GETEK product lines.

Prior to joining Polyclad, Mitchell worked with the GE Electromaterials as a global applications & training leader. He spent 13 years specializing in the GETEK and GETEK II product line while at GE. Polyclad Laminates Inc. acquired certain rights to manufacture, distribute and sell GETEK and GETEK II copper clad laminate and prepreg materials in September 2003.

Mitchell received a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Ohio University. He is a member of the IPC Process Effects Handbook Committee and the American Chemical Society and will be based out of Cambridge, Ohio.

GETEK laminates and prepregs offer thermal and electrical properties needed for sophisticated circuitry. GETEK II patented materials offer leading solutions for high-end PWB component design. They are engineered to provide low z-axis expansion and low loss. GETEK laminates and prepregs may be used in a variety of applications, including those in the telecommunications, computer and packaging industries.

Polyclad Laminates Inc. is a business of Cookson Electronics and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of laminates, prepregs and resincoated copper foils used in printed wiring boards (PWB). For more information, visit www.cooksonelectronics.com.



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