Soldertec Publishes Results of Electronics Industry Survey on Marking

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UK — Soldertec Global has published a summary of the results of its electronics industry survey, performed over the past few months, which illustrates the favored industry options on marking hazardous materials.

The report summarizes industry opinions on marking from the perspective of each part of the supply chain: materials supply, components supply, assembly and recycling. The report is available for download from the home page of the Soldertec Global Web site. Other information on marking can also be found on the Soldertec Global Web site under the sections on roadmaps/marking and labeling.

The report demonstrates that electronic assemblers prefer to have marks on all components and materials supplied, whereas at the other extreme, some suppliers, particularly in the component manufacturing sector, do not intend to introduce any system to differentiate leaded from lead-free product in any way.

This survey on marking was performed as a result of the recommendations on key activities made in the "Framework for an International Lead-free Soldering Roadmap," published by Soldertec Global and the Japanese Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) last year.

Soldertec is a membership-based organization focusing on research into soldering technology, including lead-free issues. For more information, visit



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