Janos Technology Appoints New Coatings Manager

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Townshend, Vt. — Janos Technology Inc. has recruited Darrel B. Fuller to serve as the new thin film coatings department manager.

Fuller brings with him more than 20 years of experience in development of infrared and visible thin films for commercial and military applications. He comes to Janos from Murrieta, Calif., where he spent the past 12 years working for Exotic Electro Optics as a senior development engineer. Fuller will head up the coatings department and report directly to Production Manager Zsolt Pomazi. He will immediately begin upgrading equipment, developing new coating capabilities and increasing production. In fact, Fuller and Pomazi already have begun the purchasing process of a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition machine for depositing diamond-like carbon and other ultra-durable coatings. Fuller is interested in introducing to Janos new processes for non-thoriated coatings as well.Fuller's career path also includes nearly 10 years spent working for Loral Defense Systems, where he specialized in applying coatings to F-16 canopies for radar cross-section reduction, laser hardening and EMI shielding. He attained a bachelor of science and mechanical engineering (BSME) from Arizona State University and maintains professional affiliations with the American Vacuum Society and the Society of Vacuum Coaters. Fuller has several works published in the Defense Technical Information Center and journal articles relating to multi-layer plasma-enhanced CVD anti-reflective coatings.Janos Technology Inc. is a world leader in advanced infrared optic components and assemblies, meeting the most stringent technical and environmental requirements. For more information, visit www.janostech.com.



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