NWA Software Selected by Dow Chemical for Worldwide Quality Initiative

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Portland, Ore. — Northwest Analytical Inc. (NWA) announces that The Dow Chemical Co. (Dow) has entered into a global licensing agreement with NWA for NWA Quality Analyst, its award-winning SPC charting and analysis solution.

Dow Chemical has initially purchased Quality Analyst licenses to accommodate more than 5,000 users worldwide, including chemists, lab analysts, technicians and engineers who will be able to access Quality Analyst for process analysis.

NWA Quality Analyst enables Dow to globally automate and standardize their process reporting so they can produce SPC charts more quickly, efficiently and consistently. It also allows users to post the charts on an intranet site where they can compare results between their plants worldwide.

Dow selected NWA Quality Analyst because of its flexibility, ease of implementation and ease-of-use. The project goal is to increase the consistency and quality of Dow's products worldwide. It will also support the company's Six Sigma initiative — a measure of quality used within an organization to strive for near perfect processes and products — and sustain gains in product quality after the completion of Six Sigma analysis.

NWA Quality Analyst is the award-winning SPC charting and analysis software used by world-class manufacturers to improve their processes and meet vendor certification and regulatory compliance requirements. It provides the best combination of power, flexibility and ease-of-use of any SPC software available while conforming to the most stringent technical requirements.

Northwest Analytical (NWA) is the world's leading provider of SPC software, with more than 50,000 licenses shipped to more than 5,000 companies. For more information, visit www.nwasoft.com



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