KEMET Announces Business Partnership with Lamina Ceramics

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Greenville, S.C. and Westampton, N.J. — KEMET Corp. has purchased an equity position in Lamina Ceramics Inc., and has entered into a business agreement with the company to develop and commercialize high-performance, low- temperature co-fired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M) solutions for advanced electronic systems.

Lamina Ceramics is a manufacturer of multilayer ceramic electronic packages, boards and components, using proprietary low-temperature, co-fired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M) technology. Applications include RF/microwave assemblies, optoelectronic packages, solid-state light engines and packages, and automotive circuits.

KEMET Corporation provides industry-leading, high-performance capacitor solutions, including the world's most complete line of surface-mount capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic and solid aluminum dielectrics. For more information, visit



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