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Northbrook, Ill. — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announces the release of the 2003-2004 IPC Publications Catalog.

This 41-page document is the complete source for printed circuit board and electronics assembly standards and publications for design, materials, manufacturing, assembly, quality and test.

The new catalog contains more than 300 standards, guidelines, technical reference documents, proceedings, CDs and technical papers. More than 75 of these items are new or have been revised since the 2002 catalog, including:

  • IPC-0040, Optoelectronic Assembly and Packaging TechnologyThis ANSI-approved document addresses the implementation of optical and optoelectronic packaging technologies and covers technology choices, design considerations, material properties, component mounting and interconnecting structures, assembly processes, testing, application, rework, and reliability of completed optoelectronic products. Optoelectronic packaging technologies include active and passive components and discrete fiber cable, their characteristics and the manner in which these parts will become an integral part of the functioning module, board or subassembly.
  • IPC-WP-006, Round Robin Testing and Analysis: Lead Free Alloys — Tin, Silver and CopperThis 19-page paper summarizes a round robin test program on the assembly properties of three lead free solder alloys. Melt characterization, wetting balance responses and solder spread tests were performed by IPC Solder Products Value Council members on the three tin/silver/copper alloys in the following percentages respectively: 96.5/3.0/0.5; 95.5/3.8/0.7; and 95.5/4.0/0.5. The white paper includes examples of statistical analysis, data analysis of the tests, data tables of testing participants and a reproduction of IPC test methods used.
  • IPC-ROADMAP-03, 2002/2003 National Technology Roadmap for Electronic InterconnectionsThis document provides vision and direction for product development, process development and services required to satisfy the current and future needs of U.S. companies that are building electronic and optoelectronic equipment. The Roadmap presents findings and recommendations based on OEM requirements and an updated cost model that considers circuit density (for board fabrication) and assembly complexity (for assembly manufacture). It also encompasses the supply chain infrastructure needed for single chip and multichip packaging, printed board issues, assembly considerations, optoelectronics and related management/environmental key pressure points.
  • IPC-2226, Sectional Design Standard for High Density Interconnect (HDI) BoardsUsed in conjunction with IPC-2221A, this standard establishes requirements and considerations for the design of high density interconnect (HDI) printed boards and its forms of component mounting and interconnecting structures. It provides recommendations for signal, power, ground and mixed distribution layers, dielectric separation, via formation and metallization requirements and other design features that are necessary for HDI-advanced IC interconnection substrates.
  • IPC-8413-1, Specification for Process Carriers Used to Handle Optical Fibers in ManufacturingThis specification defines standard practices for handling various kinds of optical fiber and the specifications and guidelines to be used in the design of carriers for these fibers in component manufacturing. This standard does not define a particular carrier design, but does define enough parameters to facilitate the use of fiber carriers in optoelectronic component manufacturing, particularly in automated or semi-automated processes.

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