Cookson Electronics Acquires Worldwide License for GETEK and GETEK II Laminate and Prepeg Materials

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Londonderry, N.H. and Coshocton, Ohio — In a move to further broaden its product offerings in high-end, high-performance PWB applications, Cookson Electronics Inc. intends to enter into a license agreement with GE Electromaterials, a business component of GE Plastics.

In conjunction with this license and related agreements, Cookson's PWB laminates business, Polyclad Laminates Inc. will acquire certain rights to manufacture, distribute and sell GETEK and GETEK II copper-clad laminate and prepreg materials. The parties anticipate that the license agreement will be concluded in approximately 60 days and is subject to the satisfaction of certain closing conditions.

GETEK laminates and prepregs are patented products composed of epoxy and polyphenylene oxide resins. They offer the improved thermal and electrical properties needed for sophisticated circuitry. Composed of a polyphenylene oxide resin system on woven e-glass, GETEK II materials offer leading solutions for high-end PWB component design. They are engineered to provide low z-axis expansion and low loss. GETEK laminates and prepregs may be used in a wide variety of applications, including those in the telecommunications, computer and packaging industries.

Cookson Electronics is a leading supplier of materials to the electronics and surface finishing industries. Cookson Electronics PWB Materials & Chemistry businesses include Polyclad Laminates, one of the world's leading manufacturers of laminates, prepregs and resin-coated copper foils used in PWBs. The group also includes Enthone Inc., a leading supplier of high performance specialty chemicals and coatings used in the electronics and surface finishing industries. For more information, visit



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