QTS Inc. Relocates Headquarters to Medfield, Mass.

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Medfield, Mass. — QTS Inc. has relocated their headquarters to 99 West Street, Medfield, Mass., from their previous headquarters in East Walpole, Mass.

QTS has purchased a 10,000 sq ft facility in order to produce their Wizard Frame Systems, which give a whole new look at frameless stencils, and solve many industry issues associated with frameless stencils. While there are many advantages to ordering stencils without the standard aluminum frame such as cost savings and reduced delivery times, there also are disadvantages: the razor sharp edges are hazardous to the operator and stencil storage is difficult. With the Wizard Frame System, these disadvantages are said to be eliminated. Consisting of the four-way master stretch frame, the first frame is a plastic container protecting the technician from injuries and the second frame is a lightweight aluminum stretch frame that accepts the plastic frame with the stencil, and tensions the stencil in four directions.

QTS's Owner and Developer Gunter Erdmann has purchased a state-of-the-art Daewoo 40/20 machining center for the production of the Wizard Frame Systems. The Daewoo machine is the most advanced machine in the metal working marketplace and is capable of producing parts in high volumes.

QTS Inc. is a leading supplier of plastic frameless stencils for SMT and wafer applications. For more information, visit www.qtsframe.com.



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