Productronica Draws Leading U.S. Companies to Munich

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Munich, Germany — Productronica, the world's largest trade show for electronics production, will take place November 11 through 14, 2003, here.

Leading U.S. companies will be among 1,500 international exhibitors on the 1.4 million sq. ft. exhibit floor. Productronica integrates the entire electronics production chain, from development to services through state-of-the-art exhibits. The exhibit floor is organized by product category, helping visitors easily find the companies and products they are looking for.

In the Test and Measurement product category, located in halls A1 and A2, visitors will see the very latest in visual inspection, materials testing, measurement technology and laboratory station equipment. U.S. exhibitors participating in this section include:

  • AIM Inc.
  • DIT-MCO International
  • Flow Autoclare System Ltd.
  • Gaiser Tool Co.
  • GT Solar Technologies Inc.
  • Machine Vision Products Inc.
  • Midas Vision Systems Inc.
  • Pomona Electronics
  • Radiant Technology Corp.
  • Sonoscan Inc.
  • Synergetix
  • Thales Optem Inc

In the Products Finishing category, located in halls A3 and A4, visitors will have access to everything from assembly and repair work to hybrids and electronic protectives. U.S. exhibitors participating in this section include:

  • ACL Staticide
  • ASSET InterTech Inc.
  • BP Microsystems
  • Electronic Control Designs Inc.
  • EFD Inc.
  • Sonix Inc.
  • Universal Instruments Corp.
  • Virtual Industries Inc.
  • V-Tek Inc.
  • West Bond International Inc.
  • Zierick MFG. Corp.

All aspects of component preparation through production and handling technology will be on display in the Component Mount Technologies category, located in halls A4, A5 and A6. U.S. exhibitors include:

  • Advanced Interconnection Corp.
  • ASC International Inc.
  • Bivar Inc.
  • Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
  • GPD Global
  • Hover-Davis

The Manufacturing Technologies for PCBs and Other Circuit Carriers will display products including base materials, tools and accessories for PCB processing, heat treatment, clean-room technology and process control software for PCB production. U.S. exhibitors participating in this section, located in halls B2, B3 and B4, include:

  • Airtech International Inc.
  • Arlon Med
  • ECI Technology
  • Maintech Inc.
  • Multiline Technology
  • Olec Corp.
  • SDI
  • Unitek Benchmark

U.S. exhibitors are also participating in the Technologies for Cable Processing section of Productronica, located in hall B5. Everything from cable and wire processing through technology for detachable connections will be displayed. U.S. exhibitors participating include:

  • Cablescan Inc.
  • Eubanks Engineering Co.
  • Mexhtriz Corp.

The very latest in Microsystems Technology, poised to be the leading growth sector in the future for the electronics production market, will be in hall B6. Specific products on display include substrate materials for microsystem technology, mask and artwork generation, bonding and micro assembly. U.S. exhibitors include:

  • Elan Technology
  • March Plasma Systems
  • Marpet Enterprises Inc.
  • Orthodyne Electronics Corp.
  • Royce Instruments Inc.

In addition to leading microsystems exhibits, the Productronica User Forum will feature international experts in microsystems technology demonstrating the latest developments in areas such as connections and packaging, handling, test equipment and services. Visitors will experience live demonstrations including assembly of ultra-thin chips for smart labels and non-contact handling of wafers and small parts.

The trade show "Embedded in Munich" and the 2nd annual Embedded Systems Conference in Munich has been postponed to November 9 through 12, 2004, and will take place in conjunction with electronica 2004. For more information about Productronica, visit



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