DaimlerChrysler SIM Partners with FEINFOCUS for X-ray Inspection and Analysis

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Garbsen, Germany and Shanghai — FEINFOCUS has formed a partnership with DaimlerChrysler SIM Co., a leading research center.

DaimlerChrysler SIM recently installed an FXS-160.23 X-ray inspection system in their testing laboratories to support their research and development efforts in automotive electronics and electronics packaging. FEINFOCUS and DaimlerChrysler SIM's relationship is based upon a mutual interest in the quickly rising emergence of China's electronics packaging developments in recent years. DaimlerChrysler's wide range of industrial customers and partners will benefit from their new X-ray inspection and analysis capabilities.

The FXS-160.23 system is an extremely versatile system with proven reliability, ease-of-use, and low operating expense. The system features BGA and void calculation analysis, board size capabilities of 390 x 370 mm (16 x 15"), and a total magnification of up to 2,600X. Numerous options are available to increase system manipulation, image chain and image processing functionality, depending on the scope of applications for which the system is intended.

DaimlerChrysler and Shanghai Institute of Microsystem & Information Technology founded the joint venture DaimlerChrysler SIM Technology Co. Ltd (DC SIM) in November 1999 with the aim to establish a leading research facility on automotive electronics and electronic packaging in China. DC SIM focuses on automotive electronics development and prototyping, as well as research, training, consulting, testing and failure analysis services on electronic packaging. For more information, visit www.dcsimtech.com.

FEINFOCUS, an ISO-certified company, is an award-winning global leader in high-resolution X-ray inspection systems and tubes. For more information, visit www.feinfocus.com.



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