Omron Establishes Control Equipment Development Company in Shanghai

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Tokyo — Omron Corp. held an official opening ceremony on July 21 in Shanghai for the newly established OMRON (Shanghai) Control System Engineering Co. Ltd. under the control of the Industrial Automation Co. (IAB).

OMH will handle the production/development of IAB's control equipment products, including temperature controllers, timers, counters and power supplies, for the Chinese market.

With rapid economic development in China, the factory automation (FA) concentrated control equipment market has also seen dramatic growth. In order to securely seize this business opportunity, the expansion of business activities capable of responding to the local area needs in China is necessary.

The priority strategy at IAB for this fiscal year is "Growth in China." To realize this growth in China, improving the competitive edge of products in the local market is vital. The products mentioned above have not until now been possessed by a China-based business. By rooting Chinese domestic parts procurement and production-based development design in the local region, OMH will aim for the creation of new control equipment needs and products possessing price competitiveness meeting local market needs.

Omron anticipates shipments valued at US $20.9 million (2.5 billion yen) in FY 2005.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corp. is a global leader in the field of automation. For more information, visit



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